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  • Race to replace ex-Rep. Schock a classic GOP primary contest

    SPRINGFIELD – The race to replace former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock has shaped up as a classic Republican primary, pitting the son of a longtime Illinois ...
    NEW: July 4, 2015 - 10:55 pm
  • Supreme Court to consider limiting union power to collect fees

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that labor of ...
    June 30, 2015 - 8:54 am
  • Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

    WASHINGTON – Same-sex couples won the right to marry nationwide Friday as a divided Supreme Court handed a crowning victory to the gay rights movement ...
    June 26, 2015 - 11:45 pm
  • Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court declared Friday that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States.
    June 26, 2015 - 9:13 am
  • Obama on Marc Maron podcast: U.S. not cured of racism

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said the United States has not overcome its history of racism and is using the N-word to make his case.
    June 22, 2015 - 11:50 am
  • House easily votes to repeal Obamacare tax on medical equipment

    WASHINGTON – The House shrugged off a White House veto threat and voted Thursday to repeal a tax that President Barack Obama's health care law imposed ...
    June 18, 2015 - 12:48 pm
  • Obama says South Carolina church shooting shows need for reckoning on guns

    WASHINGTON – Giving voice to intense heartache, anger and sadness, President Barack Obama said Thursday the South Carolina church shooting that left n ...
    June 18, 2015 - 12:47 pm
  • Key miscalculation forces Obama to weigh new path on trade

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and his Republican allies on trade are thinking of restarting their legislative push in the Senate. It's testament ...
    June 17, 2015 - 9:32 am
  • VA moving to extend benefits to some Air Force reservists

    WASHINGTON – Reversing a long-held position, the Department of Veterans Affairs now says Air Force reservists who became ill after being exposed to Ag ...
    June 14, 2015 - 12:06 am
  • Trade loss an ominous sign for Obama in month of challenges

    WASHINGTON – The trade defeat in Congress was an ominous sign in a month of challenges that could help determine President Barack Obama's standing for ...
    June 13, 2015 - 9:52 am
  • House rejects Obama's appeals, imperils Trans-Pacific Partnership

    WASHINGTON – Led by union-backed Democrats, the House delivered a stinging blow to President Barack Obama on Friday and left his ambitious global trad ...
    June 12, 2015 - 7:42 pm
  • Iowa Republicans ending straw poll, a tradition born in 1979

    DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Republican straw poll, once a staple campaign event for GOP presidential candidates, is vanishing because of waning intere ...
    June 12, 2015 - 1:32 pm
  • Union says all federal workers fell victim to hackers

    WASHINGTON – A major union says the cyber theft of employee information is more damaging than it first appeared, asserting that hackers stole personne ...
    June 12, 2015 - 8:30 am
  • Poll: Most Americans expect Supreme Court to OK gay marriage

    NEW YORK – Nearly two-thirds of Americans expect the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide when it rules on the issue within the next ...
    June 11, 2015 - 9:53 am
  • U.S. to send up to 450 more troops to train Iraqis

    WASHINGTON – The White House says the United States will send up to 450 more troops to Iraq to boost the training of local forces. It's a response to ...
    June 10, 2015 - 11:53 am
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