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Letter: Ban on Muslins, collusion with Russia a concern

Published: Saturday, March 18, 2017 12:16 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

There are at least two bothersome things about the president, Donald Trump. His call for a Muslim ban is one. The other is his alleged reckless collusion with the Russians. 

First, to keep America safe, Donald Trump is more than eager to ban Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

The issue: Not one person or group from this list of countries has wreaked any destruction in this country – ever. There is another list: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia and Dubai. These countries, populated by “hordes” of Muslims, are not on Trump’s list.

Why? Donald Trump owns hotels and other property investments in those countries. Apparently, he doesn’t want to rock the boat.   

ISIS recruits are supposed to be more of a danger when they come from Saudi Arabia and the UAE than Muslim countries assigned to his first list, a fake to be sure.  

Clearly, Trump values his real estate investments. If he had the safety of Americans at heart, why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the list?

Second, Trump has been allegedly colluding with the Russians for at least the past two years. The Russians have already admitted to secretly trolling the recent U.S. elections with the knowledge of the Trump administration.

Everyone knows it, except for his hardcore base, and they are still too busy waving their “we won” election placards. Take that, America. Our country is now being force-fed the rules of autocracy.

Is this what Americans signed up for when they voted for this guy? There is talk of investigations into allegations of the Russian connection, but it will not advance at any serious pace until the GOP comes to terms with it. At least Attorney General Jeff Sessions has agreed to step aside.

When is the GOP going to get the backbone to confront an autocratic president? All of us, Democrats, Republicans and independents, need to put a stop to the presidential me-first tantrums, to the constant fake whining about the press, and to his trumped-up charges of danger lurking among tax-paying immigrants.

It isn’t presidential. The word “autocracy” appears nowhere in the Constitution, that beloved document, the one in constant danger of being fracked. Weren’t we all trying to avoid this kind of national leader in the first place? Sad, so sad.

John Omerod


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