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Cheeky Mama: Not always a bed of roses

Published: Friday, Feb. 3, 2017 11:27 p.m. CDT

People go through all sorts of hardships in life.

Whether we manage them with grace or bitterness, nonetheless, we all come out with scars.

Stress is a consequence of daily living, so being alive means we experience stress throughout the course of the day. We can turn these problems either into distress or eustress. Meaning we can choose to focus on the positive or negative.

I choose most of the time to focus on the bright side, especially when I write this column.

I recently received an email from a reader who suggested I am naive to the ways of the real world. Perhaps, I have lived a sheltered life and want my child to have the same glorious experience.  

Well, I am here to tell everyone that I have personally gone through a lot at various points in my life. At times I have been angry with my maker. At times I have suffered maybe more than others ever will. 

I do not want to divulge my personal trials and tribulations. I have a therapist for that.  

I’d rather want to shine through it all!

My purpose for the Cheeky Mama column is to bring light and brightness to motherhood and life in general. Parenting is rough, we all know that. 

Judgments are passed all the time on mothers and fathers. This piece is to prove to the readers that we can laugh instead of cry at certain situations.

These experiences I write about are told tongue-in-cheek. Expressing the funny side of parenting.

Trying to raise children in this world is going to be tough. Lord knows that evil is lurking. However, I think it is a blessing that we cannot foresee it coming.    

While I still have control over the present, my heart and soul wants my daughter to have the idyllic life. My mind knows that this is not reality. So what can I do about it? Nothing! Boy does that irk me.  

All the values in the world cannot shield her from everything. All the love in the world cannot shield her from heartbreak. I realize that. All I can do is provide all that I can. 

Spend each moment in the present and pray for the future of my family.  

Along the way, I hope my ridiculous experiences relate to other people. And that these experiences can bring a smile to readers’ faces. 

After all the column isn’t named Cheeky Mama for nothing!

• Becca Hirst is a proud DeKalb resident who writes about her life as a working mother. She hopes to bring more enjoyment to and less shaming and judging of herself and other mothers. Reach her at cheekymamadekalb@gmail.com. 

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