DeKalb County treasurer announces property tax distribution

SYCAMORE – DeKalb County Treasurer Christine Johnson hopes the local economy will benefit from the release of county real estate tax revenue a little earlier than required.

Johnson made the second distribution of DeKalb County real estate taxes June 27. Of the $204.9 million to be collected this year, about half has been distributed to date. Johnson said taxing bodies were able to put projects to work sooner, because she did not wait until the first week in July to distribute the funds.

"Getting it out early helps for a little boost in [the] local economy," Johnson said. "It puts people to work a little bit sooner, hopefully."

Of the $102.5 million distributed June 27, about 60 percent, or $61.1 million, benefited local school districts. DeKalb County and Forest Preserve District received the second highest amount of funding, at $11.6 million. Townships, cities, villages, libraries, community colleges and park districts, along with other taxing bodies, also received their portion of the funding June 27.

Tax distribution settlement reports are available at under the Treasurer or Collector tabs on the left side of the page.