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Letter: Mainstream media attacks Obama critics

Published: Friday, June 6, 2014 12:29 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

At one time I believed that the Republicans were cowards for not questioning the buffoonery and incompetence of President Barack Obama’s administration.

I have since changed my mind.

The mainstream media are no longer acting as a watchdog, at least while the Democrats are in charge, and instead have become advocacy and protective journalists.

While the media have finally awakened with the Veterans Administration and traitors-for-hostages “scandals,” they have taken a pass on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups, and other obvious lies. 

But let’s review why Republicans should not attack Obama.

When Republican Chris Christie was thought to be a possible candidate for the presidency, he was a fat buffoon. Then, after he kissed Obama’s ring, he became a serious governor who was taking care of business. Then he made a few remarks about Obama and became a fat buffoon again.

Bob Woodward was the king of investigative journalists. Then he published a few negative remarks about Obama and instantly became an old, addled curmudgeon.

Sen. John McCain was a media favorite when he criticized President George W. Bush. Then he ran against Obama and became a too-old candidate who was obviously affected by his experience as a prisoner of war.

Ben Carson, world-renowned pediatric brain surgeon, made some accurate but negative comments about Obamacare and became an instant quack.

It is impossible to name any person, Republican or otherwise, who had the courage to criticize Obama who hasn’t been savaged and attacked.

Some are calling for the Republicans to call for Obama’s impeachment. Don’t do it!

It would eat up all of the media oxygen, and you will be portrayed as hating racists who always wanted his impeachment from the start.  

We have seen what happens to Obama’s critics. They become obvious racists and haters. 

Lay off and hope and pray that the media begins telling the real truth about Obama and his destructive policies. Until they pick up the baton, nothing will happen to him.

Robert Krall


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