Letter: Happy whistle blown on partnership plan

To the Editor:

DeKalb Mayor John Rey appeared hand-in-hand with Northern Illinois University President Douglas Baker on at least two occasions, the most recent at a town hall meeting May 3 at City Hall. At both he espoused Baker’s “Bold Ideas” plan, which would have negatively impacted the Ellwood Historic district.

Now thanks to an anonymous whistleblower who revealed the secret memorandum of understanding proposal and its five adherents (the City of DeKalb, NIU, Castle Bank, First State Bank, and a contractor) the mayor is less than enthusiastic, if not doubtful.

Thanks to the whistleblower, affected property owners can, at least for now, breathe a little easier. The sad thing is that it took a whistleblower to expose the secrecy and halt the steamroller. 

Tom Smith