Picture This: Young Entrepreneur

A couple of Saturdays ago, I drove past two little girls in their front yard setting up a lemonade stand. I was heading to another assignment, but I turned around and parked at Jewel, so I could walk the short distance to the lemonade stand on Sycamore Avenue near 13th Street.

The older girl, Madilyn Schermerhorn, 9, is the entrepreneur behind the stand, which she has been setting up in her family’s front yard the past few summers. Her sister, Olivia Schermerhorn, 5, may follow in her footsteps as she sells lemonade with her this summer.

Madilyn is saving money to buy souvenirs when she and her family go on vacation in Wisconsin this summer. One year, she took her earnings from the lemonade stand and donated it to TAILS Humane Society in DeKalb after her dog had been hit by a car.

It felt good to take a happy, slice-of-life photo ... and to drink their 99-cent pink lemonade.

• Picture This is an occasional column showcasing photographs by Daily Chronicle photographers. You can reach photographer Monica Maschak at mmaschak@shawmedia.com or 815-756-4841 ext. 2234. You can follow her on Twitter @ddc_mmaschak.