Picture This: Worth A Share from NIU’s Memorial Garden

As a photographer, I am often asked what my favorite things, subjects or events are to photograph.

In this business, photographers typically photograph a little bit of everything: sports, features, business, events, portraits, the list goes on. My best answer would be that it’s not so much the event I cover, but rather the photos that come from the event.

Friday was the sixth anniversary of the campus shootings at Northern Illinois University. I wasn’t sure what to expect and never had visited the Forward Together Forward Memorial Garden. The families of the victims huddled before the names of their lost loved ones as they waited for the tolling of five bells to mark a moment of reflection.

The young girl in the photo was with the family of Gayle Dubowski, and I
photographed her while
she was admiring the monument before the moment of silence.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the names of the family members or the girl before they left, which made the photo unusable for the news story that ran Saturday.

As this was my favorite photo from that assignment,
I still think it is worth