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Gourmet frozen yogurt – a healthy option?

Gourmet Frozen Yogurt is everywhere. They are chic, cool, and delicious! Last summer my girls and I were addicted to the local Yumz. While the saturated fat content of frozen yogurt makes is a better choice than regular ice cream, keep a heads up on portions and toppings.

A half-cup of frozen yogurt is approximately 100 calories, depending on the flavor. The containers at most gourmet yogurt places probably hold at least 2 cups which, if full, would translate into more like 400 calories, just for the yogurt.  

1 oz. of chocolate syrup adds 80 calories, ¼ cup walnuts sprinkled on top adds another 150 calories, and then top it off with 2 tablespoons of whipped topping for 15 calories. This brings us to a final total of 645 calories, about ½ of a woman’s daily calorie needs and 1/3 of a man’s.  

This being said, the saturated and trans fat content of frozen yogurt is zero, and it is also a good source of calcium. The key is to keep the portion limited to ½-1 cup of yogurt and choose healthier toppings like fresh fruit.

With that being said, enjoy this warm weather with a special, healthy treat of gourmet frozen yogurt!


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