Letter: Groce has the vision, enthusiasm DeKalb needs

Published: Saturday, April 6, 2013 5:30 a.m.CDT

To the Editor:

In early 2009, my wife, Cherron, and I were looking for a new homeand city to invest in.Considering DeKalb, we visited local shops and quickly noticed signs downtown marked “Re:New DeKalb.” When we happened across theRe:New DeKalb offices, werolled our double stroller loaded with our 1-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter inside to be greeted warmly by Jennifer Groce.

Jennifer Groce was the first person we ever met in DeKalb. Her vision for a renewed DeKalb – a stronger DeKalb – impressed us. Her vision and enthusiasm for DeKalb was contagious (all on top of her kindness). Jennifer Groce created a vision for this city that we quickly bought into. And, asan active part of the community ourselves,we are excited to be a part of that vision becoming reality today.

Since that day, it has been impressive – like seeing parts of a puzzle, or scenes of a movie come together – beginning to reveal the big picture. We saw Jennifer out in the city, watching over projects, being involved, organizing, leading, empowering so many of the people, businesses - the facets that make DeKalb beautiful.

DeKalb is fortunate to have leaders like Jennifer Groce who are willing to serve our city – to serve as mayor of DeKalb.

Jamie Page


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