Letter: Vote Verbic for DeKalb’s next mayor

Published: Thursday, March 28, 2013 5:30 a.m.CDT

To the Editor:

DeKalb residents have a wonderful choice incandidateMike Verbic for our next mayor. DeKalb is in a time of growth and change. In dealing with both of theseaspects of governance, weneed an open minded and experienced person to guide us through each challenge that we will surely face in the years ahead.

We needa leader who is efficient in not only the present situations DeKalb faces, but also has the foresight to build our future. Mike Verbic is a proven leader through his years of dedication and service.

In 2007, Mike was elected District 428 school board president. During his term, he has uplifted the achievement of our students and successfully worked tobuild a new high school and a new elementary school. Both were completed on time and on budget. Although both of those are successful feats, as an educator, I am happy to see ties with Northern Illinois University strengthened, helping students and teachers alike.

Mike has developed a stronger relationship with NIU than I have seen during my 30-plus years as a DeKalb resident. It is imperative that the city of DeKalb work in tandem with NIU to make this wonderful city better! Mike has worked at NIU since 2006 and continues to foster unity between the city and the university.

Mike is a fifth-generation DeKalb resident who loves our city. I have knownMike and his wife, Jennifer, for 20 years.He is a wonderful family man who is dedicated to his wife and theirtwo children, Michael and Grace. Mike and Jennifer met while working on a play with me at Kishwaukee College. They have remained ardent supporters of theatre at Kishwaukee.

Whenever I have voiced my questions, needs,etc., to Mike about his work in the community, he always listens and provides the answers I need. Whether it is on the spot or something that requires more time and information – Mike will get you the answer. He works tirelessly and with a sense of commitment in all he does. Mike truly cares about DeKalb and all of its residents. He has shown us a responsible record and a respect for taxpayer’s dollars. I believe he is our strongest choice for mayor of DeKalb.
I will be voting for Mike Verbic for mayor, and I hope you will consider doing the same.

Nadine Franklin


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