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Letter: All things are not equal

Published: Saturday, March 23, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Most of life is generally unequal! That may be politically incorrect to say, even if it’s largely true. I was born into poverty, got my high school education, went to work at Woolworth’s right away for a low salary, became a manager after four years, worked very long hours, and learned to work hard and smart.

At age 29, with all borrowed money, I purchased my first Ben Franklin store, on a shoestring. I almost went broke, but struggled with extraordinary effort. I had to make the most of what I had and soon learned by biggest lesson: Well over half of my business came from less than 10 percent of my items. I always stayed well-stocked on them. Customers could depend on us. Business was good despite Walmart wiping out all the other variety stores in the entire area. Eventually though, we converted to the Dollar Store business when my main supplier of goods finally succumbed to Walmart.

I realized what was true about the best merchandise was also true about the best workers. The best workers produced the most business, and so were given longer hours than the rest. When some work harder they will earn more. Those who really want to succeed will succeed. That is what has made America great!

One thing that is equal for all is our right to vote. Everyone’s vote counts the same, but that’s being abused today. Increasingly the entitlement folks are amassing sufficient votes to wrongly take the fruits of others’ labor by the democratic process. This corrupting of democracy is shameful.

Socialists don’t seem to understand that there is a reason why some people have more and some less. True, there are valid exceptions, and for those justifiably unable to keep up, a safety net is needed, and no one should begrudge that, but today’s safety net has become way too big.

Bottom line: When and because of the abusive rhetoric, the punitive taxation and scorn, being directed toward the most productive among us, by too many mean-spirited, guilt-ridden liberals, along with their many compliant minions, the most productive workers just might quit their extra efforts, then we will all achieve genuine equality, equal and deserved poverty. I hope that never happens, but it could if we finally kill the golden goose.

Gerard McLain


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