Letter: Election information available online

To the Editor:

I have been honored to serve as an election judge for several years now.

While most of the voting process goes smoothly, phone calls to the county clerk’s office too often slow the voting process down for everyone.

Recently, an online aid has eliminated much of the confusion experienced by voters trying to cast their ballots, and has made the need to contact the election office in Sycamore unnecessary.

Go to “Voter Information - Registered Voter Search” at http://dekalb.il.electionconsole.com/voter-lookup.php and just enter your first and last name, and your date of birth for:

•all of your voter-related information

• what elections you’ve voted in (but not how you’ve voted. Mine went back as far as Nov. ‘92)

•where your polling place is

•a sample ballot (so you know who’s running before you get to the voting booth)

• when the next election is

• registration deadline

•early voting date

... and more. Please use this link to make your voting experience go smoothly.

Kudos to the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder’s Office for making this available.

Barry Leonard




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