Letter: Vote independent 
in township election

Published: Thursday, March 7, 2013 5:30 a.m.CDT

To the Editor:

Readers should be aware of some troubling developments in our upcoming DeKalb Township election on April 9.In municipal elections, all candidates have traditionally filed as independents, to save the election authority a lot of money.

Ifthere are political parties involved, and any of the offices are contested, it necessitates a caucus or primary election.

This year, a new political party, United DeKalb, has been formed. Ironically, it claims to be a nonpartisan organization.

Why wouldn’t they stick with tradition and run as Independents? Are they simply using our township elections to create a newparty? If they get over 5 percent of the vote in this election, then the party is an established party, and anyone who wants to run under that party’s label can do so in future elections.

So that creates a larger potential for a (very expensive) caucus or primary election next time around. Or was the forming of this new party just a self-serving political trick so they could file their petitions more than a week after the other candidates, but still jump to the top of the ballot?

We have a clear choice here to reject political games and cast our ballot for very capable independent candidates.

Log on to www.vote-independent.com/ for more information.

Lolly Voss


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