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Reduce risk of colon cancer

Doctors for USA WEEKEND

Death rates for colon cancer are down more than 30%, says a new report by the American Cancer Society. But colorectal cancer is still America’s No. 3 cancer.

To cut your risk, start getting screened at age 50, and earlier if you have a family history or risk factors such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Colorectal tests include:

• Colonoscopy, which checks the entire colon and rectum; every 10 years.

• Flexible sigmoidoscopy, which checks rectum and lower colon; every 5 years.

• Fecal occult blood test, annually.

• Barium enema, an X-ray.

• Virtual colonoscopy.

• Stool DNA testing.

Here’s a surprising safeguard: Eating fresh fish regularly may lower your odds of colorectal cancer by 12%, reports a recent review of more than 40 studies. Note: Being over­weight or obese raises the risk, especially in men.

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