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The right tool for the right job

I read quite a bit in cook books, food magazines and on the internet. My brain seems to have a thirst for anything related to food, eating, cooking or the kitchen. During this all-consuming practice I run across some of the oddest, and at times most useful information one could imagine.

For instance, there is a very popular Italian dish called Ossobuco, veal shanks braised in wine with vegetables. Did you know Ossobuco means “pierced bones” in Italian? Food history can be as fascinating as the dishes themselves. Any of you who have had the pleasure of traveling to other countries have seen first hand the culinary differences between cultures.

Cultural differences aside there are lots of other interesting, and useful, things to come across.

For instance there are many, many things you can do with coffee filters, and they are so cheap. You can by 1,000s for very little at WalMart or a dollar store. After you read through this list put a stack out on your counter top so they stay in the forefront of your mind for the next week or so. That way you can get in the habit of using them for these creative tasks more often.

So, just what can you do with coffee filters? Well, here we go.

Make ice tea with a coffee filter. Yes, I use coffee filters almost every day to make ice tea at home.

After frying, place a coffee filter in a funnel and strain your used oil. Then keep the oil in the refrigerator until needed again.

Place small amounts of measured ingredients in coffee filters. Saves on the clean up.

Cover bowls or plates of food with a coffee filter when heating in the microwave to keep the splatter off of the walls of the oven.

Place a coffee filter over the drain hole in the bottom of a planter. This will keep the soil from spilling out.

Coffee filters are lint free so consider using them for cleaning; your glasses, mirrors, TV screen, computer monitor, car windows, I’ll bet you can think of a couple of cleaning chores in addition to these.

If you do woodworking remember these are lint free so use them to wipe on your finishes.

Serve a small amount of popcorn to children, then just throwaway the used filters.

And last, make coffee!

Let me know what you come up with after you’ve tried a couple of these coffee filter projects.


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