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Black bean brownies: Success or flop?

My girls and I experimented by making our own black bean brownies using the recipe at http://blackbeanbrownies.com/.  

Here are the results…

Per the recipe we pureed a can of rinsed beans and a little bit of water in the blender, then added it to the brownie mix.  It looked and tasted just like regular brownie batter.

The brownies came out moist and thick.  There was no bean flavor, just a rich, chocolaty brownie flavor.  

My five-year-old said “Two thumbs up.”

My seven year old said “Awesome!”

My husband said “If you didn’t tell me there were beans in here, I wouldn’t have guessed it.”  This, I think, means he liked them.  

I thought they were delicious.  They were also extremely filling.  If portion control is something that you struggle with when it comes to brownies, you will definitely find these appealing.  


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