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Letter: Sycamore still not 
enforcing noise ordinance

Published: Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

After pointing out in September the lackadaisical and fickle attitude of the Sycamore police administration toward enforcing the speed limit and noise ordinance – especially on Somonauk Street – the next mail brought a warning letter from the ordinance officer singling me out for a parkway ordinance violation.

Of course the chief didn’t get a letter for noncompliance of the noise ordinance, for which he took an oath to enforce and gets a very adequate salary.

Law officers do, after all, have a code of ethics.

And in May, I waited five weeks to get an appointment with the chief and was ignored. That was rude and ill-mannered. I am still waiting for an apology. The chief is, after all, a public servant and I am a “public.” And not a word from my aldermen.

Otherwise, Sycamore’s public officers are friendly and helpful, as are the sheriff’s deputies and state police.

More ironic is the attitude of the council, which chose not to speak to the noise ordinance. Several sitting members were on the previous council, which passed the ordinance, and not one member suggested looking into the matter.

If the council won’t stand behind its own ordinance, what good is the ordinance – or the council?

It’s an excellent way to lose the people’s confidence, respect and trust. It’s not the council’s usual demeanor, but there’s a first for everything.

The mayor, who usually has a comment, is noticeably silent when a little mettle and leadership is called for. Reticence won’t make the problem go away. Any bets for reticence?

It seems that laws are enforced, or not, depending on circumstances and a whim.

As Marcellus in “Hamlet” noted: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

All the rigmarole and embarrassment could possibly have been avoided in May if the chief had the good sense and manners to honor a request for an appointment from a citizen, taxpayer and employer.

The premise is simple: When will the speed limit and noise ordinance be enforced in Sycamore? Either they are or they aren’t.

If they ever are, we can all rejoice “and peace shall reign throughout the land.”

John R. Beck


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