2012 Sycamore Lions Pumpkin Display winners

Published: Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 5:30 a.m.CDT

The following is a list of the 2012 Sycamore Lions Decorated Pumpkin Display winners:

Pick of the Patch

Daniel Bautista

Presidents Award

Evans Family

School Participation

•1st: Southeast Elementary

•2nd: North Grove Elementary

•3rd: St. Mary’s of Sycamore

Youth Organization or Group – (17 & under)

• 1st: Early Childhood South Prairie

•2nd: North Grove

• 3rd: Salem Lutheran Confirmation Program

Adult Organization or Group

• 1st: Hillcrest Covenant Church

•2nd: Autism Awareness

•3rd: Dorr Plumbing and Heating

Theme Category (Happiness is ... the Perfect Pumpkin)

5 & Under

•1st: Jack Boryc

•2nd: Aden Schultz

•3rd: Hayden Fant

6-7 Years

•1st: Madyson Block

•2nd: Rebecca Allen

•3rd: Adyson Hull

8-9 Years

• 1st: Oliver Keicher

•2nd: Jordyn Block

•3rd: Charlotte Sharp

10-11 Years

• 1st: Jacob Nations

•2nd: Travis Evans

•3rd: Max Griffey

12-17 Years

•1st: Miranda Blankenbehler

•2nd: Anna Gosciejew

•3rd: Roan Findley

Happy and Fancy

5 & Under

•1st: Addison McLaughlin

•2nd: Rachel Grehn

•3rd: Aubrey Burke

6-7 Years

• 1st: Bella Caputo

•2nd: Colleen Simpson

•3rd: Hailey Loyd

8-9 Years

•1st: Abi Payne

•2nd: Molly Griffey

•3rd: Jaden Peck

10-11 Years

• 1st: Charlotte Sylvia

•2nd: Maddie Weaver

•3rd: Tessa Harbecke

12-17 Years

•1st: Jenna Lewey & Ellie Kerkove

•2nd: Emily Dunbar

•3rd: Morgan Olson

Weird, Ugly & Scary

5 & Under

•1st: Peter Gehrig

•2nd: Michael Olson

•3rd: Alexis Rothembach

6-7 Years

•1st: Lucas Windurn

•2nd: Ryese Taylor

•3rd: Trace Cook

8-9 Years

•1st: Joseph Brestan

•2nd: Jacob Hull

•3rd: Hayden Beck

10-11 Years

• 1st: Abby Krull

• 2nd: Andrew Russo

• 3rd: Keegan Palm

12-17 Years

• 1st: Jeffrey Maness

• 2nd: Jason Maness

• 3rd: Grace Clark

TV, Nursery Rhyme

5 & Under

• 1st: Zach Ziegler

• 2nd: Maddux McLaughlin

• 3rd: Grace Hagemeyer

6-7 Years

• 1st: Sam Krull

• 2nd: Johnny Jarrett

• 3rd: Addison Peck

8-9 Years

• 1st: Genna Gower

• 2nd: Brody Armstrong

• 3rd: Irish McCoy

10-11 Years

• 1st: Griffin Gower

• 2nd: Madeline McCormick

• 3rd: Nolan Benson

12-17 Years

• 1st: Kortney Jones

• 2nd: McKenzie Palm

• 3rd: Mathew Madsen


7 & Under

• 1st: Danny Young

• 2nd: Terron Begay

• 3rd: Brady Horan

8-9 Years

• 1st: Jeremy Peterson

• 2nd: Andrea Foulk

• 3rd: Emmy Kuhn

10-11 Years

• 1st: Kate Heegaard

• 2nd: Ethan Gall

• 3rd: Noelan Garbes

12-17 Years

• 1st: Dana Nielsen

• 2nd: Reed Kousoulas

• 3rd: Tallon Grewe


11 & Under

• 1st: Zayne Adams

• 2nd: John, Jack, Dylan & Kalob

• 3rd: Zak Geraci

12-17 Years

• 1st: Neriah Garbes

• 2nd: Grace Carlson

• 3rd: Health Occupations II, 2nd Session

Family Entry

• 1st: Laura, Briana, Emily, Evan, Ella

• 2nd: Dave & Roberta Aldis

• 3rd: Emma Winters

Adults (Carved, Scarecrow, General)

• 1st: Carol & Lynden Bute

• 2nd: Joel Peck

• 3rd: David & Chad Carrington

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