Letter: No doubt Campbell is man for job

Published: Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

Still undecided about who would be best suited as DeKalb County state’s attorney?

That is not a question in the Olsen family or in my neighborhood.

As the mother of missing/murdered Bradley Olsen, who disappeared Jan. 20, 2007, our family has lived a never-ending nightmare for six long years now. Early on in Brad’s disappearance, I knew how critical it was to meet with the right people. So I asked several times for a meeting with the then state’s attorney. I was never given the courtesy or respect of a meeting, which could have made a difference if handled properly in finding Brad, and those responsible for his disappearance.

When “Toni” Keller went missing two years ago, while they were searching in the park, I was driving down back country roads and walking in ditches, picking up everything in sight. I know the heartache and agony, and have continued to follow the Keller case as it gets closer to trial. I have met the parents and have been on the courthouse lawn in yellow, and will be there at the trial. I have also followed the Maria Ridulph case closely and know that her case probably would have never been solved had Clay Campbell not become state’s attorney.

I also know of many other cases involving families and loved ones who are victims of crime – some I know personally. Think of this being your family. Crime doesn’t care if you’re a great person, what color you are or how much money you have.

Clay Campbell has personally met and sat down with these families – some of them many times – and takes the time to listen to their concerns. Clay Campbell has shown how much he really cares about all the citizens in DeKalb County, and has relentlessly fought to do the right things to make DeKalb County a better place.

Please go out and vote with family and friends Nov. 6 for re-election of Clay Campbell. Bradley’s daughter wants Clay Campbell to be re-elected, too.

Susan Olsen

Maple Park

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