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Cutler, Tice downplay incident

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice smiled Wednesday when he was reminded about Jay Cutler walking away from him two days earlier against the Dallas Cowboys.

"He probably had enough of me telling him why the play didn’t work," Tice said. "I get enough of me sometimes, too. I can talk a little bit, as you guys know."

Both Tice and Cutler said their relationship was fine after cameras caught an odd moment on the sidelines during the Bears' 34-18 win in Dallas. As Tice approached Cutler and sat down next to him to start a conversation, Cutler abruptly stood up and walked away.

Tice said he was mad about a failed play on 3rd-and-1, but he wasn't mad at Cutler.

"I was venting to why the play didn’t work," Tice said. "And probably at a certain point, [he's like,] ‘OK. Ok.’ We move on, and he had a great game.

"I’m very pleased with his performance. He had a couple of really nice checks for us. So he’s doing the things we’re asking him to do. He’s understanding the things that I’d like him to do as far as managing the line of scrimmage. I’m very happy with his game."

Cutler said he spoke with Tice after the incidents gained national attention. He said he was surprised that his demeanor and actions on the sideline caused so much controversy.

"It probably shouldn’t [surprise me], though, because it gets blown out of proportion every time," Cutler said. "It’s part of the gig, I guess."

The Bears (3-1) will visit the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) in Week 5.

-Tom Musick


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