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Letter: Disallowed documents prove my innocence

To the Editor:

Dear people of Sycamore and DeKalb County.

Many of you that were at my trial on Sept. 14 cheered as if your team had just scored the winning point at the last second of the game while I sat in shock and disbelief at the verdict of guilty.

Some of you were at the pretrial hearing and heard Judge Hallock deny the admission of FBI documents in the trial. He stated that police reports were not admissible, especially these reports because all parties were dead and could not be cross-examined.

Back in 1957, these reports were accepted as proof that I could not possibly have been involved in the kidnapping of Maria Ridulph.

One report established the time that the child witness asked the kidnapper, “Johnny, what time is it?” He said 7 (p.m.). She then went to get her gloves, never to see Maria again.

Another report established that I made a collect phone call from Rockford at 6:57 p.m. to my stepfather, Ralph Tessier. The operator confirmed the call and that the man I called Dad answered and accepted the charge.

The next report confirmed I spoke to an Air Force colonel who was kind enough to escort me to two Air Force recruiters, to whom I turned in my induction papers that I had received that day from the induction center in Chicago.

My attorneys received these FBI reports from State’s Attorney Clay Campbell. These reports were copied and given to Judge Hallock as attachments to a motion.

We then proceeded to trial and acted as if they did not exist.

If all parties had read the documents, it should have caused a reasonable person to conclude that I could not have been “Johnny” because at the exact time of the kidnapping, I was in Rockford, 40 miles away.

People of Sycamore: These documents are in the courthouse at 133 State St. They are public records. Go there, demand to see them and set me free.

All I want is a new trial that will allow the truth to be told.

Jack Daniel McCullough

DeKalb County Jail, Sycamore


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