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Letter: Equal representation with little or no taxation

Published: Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Anyone with any knowledge of American history knows the story of how America came to be, when, “We the People,” would not endure taxation without representation. That was slavery pure and simple. Thank God for those courageous first Americans, our wise and faithful Founding Fathers.

Today we are rapidly approaching a similar sort of slavery, with this modern twist, “equal representation with little or no taxation.” That is as much a crime against freedom as what led to the American Revolution. Eventually, a second revolution will come when an enslaved people required to support the entitlement crowd – and their belief in an unearned entitlement to an equal vote – finally revolt. When irresponsible people are given equal voting power, we get the irresponsible government of today.

Somehow we need to equate the level of a person’s taxation with a weighted vote, one vote for all, plus added weight allowed for the votes of those who pay more taxes. We need to stop politicians who have figured out if they give enough free stuff to the takers by taking from the makers, they can buy the votes of the irresponsible.

This nation as a consequence is headed for bankruptcy and failure. You can call me radical, or call this extreme, crazy, impossible or whatever you want, but consider this: it already exists. U.S. senators have always been appointed or elected by weighted votes. Allowing unbridled democracy to reign as our new god – seen as capable of giving everyone everything, regardless of need, other than the desire of some to get something for nothing – won’t work because the productive people of this country simply will stop producing.

World history has shown this time and time again. I have no fear those who are truly disabled will be provided for because we are a generous people.

The only problem is that we have become so brainwashed by smooth-talking elitists and politically correct charlatans, who benefit themselves by preying upon hardworking people, causing too many to become politically impotent, tricked by a cult of political correctness.

That won’t last because one day, one way or another, we will figure it out. We will survive because there are still enough informed, courageous Americans left to save the American Dream for future generations.

Gerard McLain


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