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Moore criticizes Cutler

At least one player in the Bears locker room was willing to speak out against franchise quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday.

Bears nickelback D.J. Moore criticized Cutler for shoving teammate J'Marcus Webb during the team's 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday at Lambeau Field. After Webb missed a block on the previous play, Cutler screamed at Webb as they walked toward the sideline, then bumped Webb with his shoulder pad and shoved him as he walked away.

As everyone else on the team defended Cutler, Moore defended Webb.

“I don’t think you can act like that, though," Moore said. "To make it seem like it’s just my fault or what not, I think it’s just wrong, though, honestly.

"I would feel some kind of way if he was to do me like that, to make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because is what you’re doing and not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes and doing these type of reads.’ It’s a tough situation."

Moore said teammates could disagree as long as it took place in the privacy of the locker room, not on the sidelines in front of thousands of fans and millions of TV viewers.

"When you act like that, though, with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do," Moore said. "You might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like he did, that’s something different. I don’t know, it’s just weird."

Asked whether Cutler should address the team, Moore said no.

"It’s just him," Moore said. "That’s the type of guy he is. He’s not going to hold anything back. If he were to talk to the team you would feel weird about it because it’s really not his thing, though."

-Tom Musick


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