The joy of soy

You have probably heard of the many health benefits of soy. Soy protein can be helpful in lowering risk of heart disease and provides a lowfat, cholesterol-free source of complete protein.

The phytoestrogens in soy may also be helpful in lessening or alleviating some of the symptoms women experience during menopause.

The FDA recommendations approximately 25g soy protein daily for heart health benefits.

Do not fear – this does not require eating a block of tofu per day. Here are some realistic, delicious, and healthy ways to incorporate soy foods into your diet:

Food, Portion, Amount of Soy Protein

Soymilk, fortified 1 cup,     7 g

Tofu, 4 oz., 13g

Edamame, ½ cup, 11g

Soy nuts, ¼ cup, 11g

Soy protein bar, 1 bar, 14g

Soy burger, 1 patty, 13g

Soy pasta, ½ cup cooked, 13g

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