More IHSA notes

Today's IHSA Board of Directors meeting had several interesting items come out of it beyond the state football finals being awarded to Northern Illinois University it odd-numbered years.

The board approved a recommendation to accept classification cutoff enrollments for the upcoming school year, which include moving to a straight 25 percent breakdown per class in all four-class sports (boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball). Also, an exception will be made to maintain that the boys and girls programs at each school are in the same class for the following paired sports: boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls track and field.

Classifications for the school year will be posted on the IHSA website on Wednesday.

The board also approved an exception to the Pepsi Tournament schedule, allowing the tournament to last 15 days and for the tournament finals to be played at Wrigley Field.

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