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Asian marinade variations

In my previous blog entry this week, I discussed a recipe for Grilled Asian Pork Tenderloin. I'm sure you all enjoyed the results of this recipe.

Here are a few different ways that we can vary this grilling treat to expand our family’s enjoyment of our outdoor cooking efforts.

The first: swap out the meat. This exact same marinade works exceptionally well for chicken. Just marinate the cut up fowl for three to four hours, refrigerated. Season lightly with salt and fresh ground pepper, grill the chicken pieces over medium to medium-low heat, turning every 10 minutes or so to avoid burning. Reduce the marinade, as you did with the other recipe, strain, and brush the glaze onto the chicken for about the last 10 minutes.

With chicken, you could take out the plum sauce and add some raspberry jam, a nice berry flavor with this grilled perfection. Additionally, think about adding some more citrus, such as lemon. Lemon goes so well with chicken that the citrus flavor can be brought closer to the forefront.

Seafood also would benefit from this marinade. However, unless you are familiar with grilling seafood, you might want to try it baked or pan seared. Seafood absorbs flavors quickly, so marinate only for 30 minutes. Sword fish or halibut, filets or steak cuts, will be just perfect. After marinating, reduce the marinade to a glaze and strain, as in the other recipe. The raspberry and lemon options are great here, too.

Another flavor that can be added to this mix is five spice powder, an appetizing blend of cinnamon, star anise, anise seed, ginger and cloves. You can add a quarter-teaspoon to start, that should build a beautiful bouquet to your marinade. Use a little more if you want.

Remember, quality ingredients will give you quality results.


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