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Old wives' tales and babies

Planning to have a baby is very exciting.

Preparation can take many forms. Couples attend move over Rover classes for their dogs. Baby bathing, changing, and soothing classes are attended at the hospital. Lamaze classes are taken kindly. Designing the nursery and baby proofing the home also commences. Couples like to plan their finances and choose baby names.

All soon-to-be parents want a healthy baby. However, some soon-to-be parents might want to plan the gender of their baby. There are several old wives’ tales that are said to be very accurate. Why not take a look at some of these ideas?

Creating a boy means the male needs to give a Y chromosome sperm. There are some sexual positions that actually can help the sperm with the Y chromosome meet the egg first. After sex, a woman should lie horizontal. Lovemaking should be done while standing up, or the man should enter from behind the woman. Also to create a boy baby, men should consume salty snacks, red meat and drink soda.

Old wives’ tales for a girl baby are contrary to the old wives’ tales for a boy baby. The X chromosome sperm needs to meet the egg first. Men should feed on fish, vegetables and desserts. Sex should be enjoyed in the old-fashioned missionary style or the woman on top of the man. Instead of focusing on the man while enjoying sex, focus on the woman’s pleasure.

The list of tales continues. Anything from the shape of the moon to the underwear the male wears can help decide the gender of the baby.

Couples planning on having a baby can read books, go to psychics or seek medical information on how to conceive their preferred gender.

Is planning everything that fun? Who really knows? Who should judge? Ultimately, nature is wonderful, and it, of course, knows best.


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