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Mashed potatoes galore

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it means spring is getting close. Yes, it’s an exciting time of year.

Earlier this week, we discussed an Irish potato recipe for Colcannon. I hope you made that recipe since it is such a flavor delight. Potatoes mashed with a little milk and butter, adding wilted kale and green onion is rich and flavorful as well as good for you.

But broad leaf greens aren’t the only ingredients you can add successfully to mashed potatoes. How about some cheese? Let’s start with cream cheese – smooth, creamy and a little tartness. Start with room temperature cream cheese and mix it in thoroughly. About 3 to 4 ounces to a pound of mashed potatoes will do nicely. Chopped green onions go well with this, fold them in at the end.

Cheddar cheese is divine – mild, medium, sharp or super sharp. Grate about 4 ounces per pound of potatoes and just fold it in. No need to incorporate as thoroughly as the cream cheese. Another suggestion is to mash three or four roasted garlic cloves and stir them into the potatoes before folding in the cheddar cheese – perhaps mashing the roasted garlic into the melted butter before it gets mixed into the mashed potatoes.

For an Italian twist, again some roasted garlic but this time with grated Parmigiano Reggiano. About 3 ounces will do nicely. Perhaps some chopped parsley to add some color.

Play around with your favorite ingredients; you may come up with something completely new.


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