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Introducing Letters from ‘Bob’

I will occasionally get an email or phone call from a reader who complains that we are too conservative or too liberal.

In fact, I had a reader call me about two months ago to tell me he was quitting the paper because we were too friendly to President Obama.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a frequent emailer named “Bob.” “Bob” thinks we are too conservative – and me phrasing it like that is being conservative as to what “Bob” thinks.

“Bob” sends me at least two emails a week. Sometimes more. Sometimes he goes weeks without emailing me. That’s when I start to worry about “Bob’s” health.

“Bob’s” emails are so outrageous and often devoid of fact that they are extremely entertaining. As a result, I decided I’d start sharing “Bob’s” emails with all of you in a new feature I’m calling Letters from “Bob.”

With that, here is an email I received from “Bob” last night:


It's going to take more than one term for Quinn to clean up the mess that George Ryan made (and Blago made worse). And allowing Sears to hold the state of IL hostage for more tax cuts and then having them turn around and fire 150 employees after they get them, isn't helping things. As has been proven over and over and over and over again, Republican trickle-down voodoo economics are a scam. They're nothing more than a hand-out to corporations and rich people and a kick in the ass to everyone else.

I'd think that Quinn announcing that he's going to be cutting programs and benefits that mostly affect minorities, the poor, and the powerless would cause a right wing lunatic like you to get (sexual innuendo deleted).

But sadly no, because apparently he didn't announce that he was going to slap down those middle class union workers hard enough for your tastes.....:(

Oh and by the way, your on-going series of 'Kiss the Ass of Every Local Republican' (or as you call it: "Election Central") is a f-ing disgrace to anyone with half a brain. Isn't this about the seventh or eighth Republican in a row that you've carried water for now?

Editor’s note: If Democrats decided they were going to run candidates in local races or state races, they would receive the same previews and election questionnaires all the candidates in local races have received.


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